About Us
My name is Alison, I live in a small village within Oxfordshire.

I have had a passion for Ragdoll cats for many years, of which I have now gone on to fulfil my desire to breed these beautiful angelic cats. I love everything about them, they are loving, obedient, gentle and submissive.

I am a small hobby breeder (with my own prefix which is Malkira), I show my kittens/ cats and look forward to producing new lines, I have occasional kittens for sale.

By the age of thirteen weeks my Kittens will have had their innoculations against flu & enteritis, soon after they will be ready for their carefully selected new homes.

Click on the links below to go to my sister Siamese and Bengal websites.
As well as my beautiful Ragdoll cats I used to own and breed Siamese and Bengals - please feel free to take a look at the websites (http://www.malkirabengalcats.co.uk and http://www.malkirasiamesecats.co.uk).
I decided to give up breeding them due to too much heartache I kept suffering - Siamese are a very delicate breed, like porcelain my vet once described them as.

I also have a German Shepherd, who just takes the kittens in her stride. I have lived with animals all my life, and feel they play a very important part of family life.

I aim to breed good, chunky, healthy and happy temprament kittens.
So for this reason my ragdoll cats are my pets first and foremost and live indoors with me as part of a loving family environment along with my other cats and dog.

All kittens are very sociable and are raised within the hustle and bustle or everyday life. Used to very young children and are very well adjusted little bundles of joy, always ready for cuddles and laps to sleep on.

All kittens come GCCF registered on the 'Non-Active' unless otherwise otherwise arranged and with 5 weeks free Agria insurance.

Vaccinated against the following - at 9wks and 12wks
- Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis
- Feline Calicivirus
- Feline Panleucopaenia.

Leukemia vaccine is to be given by the new owner once the kitten is 5-6 months around neutering time or before the kitten goes outside into the garden if you are going to allow the kitten out.Just remember Ragdolls are a very trusting breed and not very streetwise, therefor would be better suited as an indoor cat.,

flea and wormed
Scratch post and litter trained

Pet price: £600 each

Member of the Progressive Ragdoll Cat Club
Malkira Siamese
Malkira Bengals